Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh baby....

....we're halfway there! I'm 20 weeks on the dot today and I couldn't be more thrilled about this. In honor of this momentous occasion I thought I'd jot a few thoughts down about this baby and pregnancy. I had my 20 week appointment on Thursday which went great. All his organs and body parts are intact and working in full function, I must admit I was a little worried cause there's always things that can go wrong, you just pray it doesn't happen to you. But he's doing great and I must say I cannot get enough of watching his little body up on that screen. He's quite the active little bugger, rolling around, touching his face, kicking, and flipping. It's truly a miracle that we are witnessing right in front of our eyes.

This pregnancy hasn't been as smooth as I would have hoped. I always thought I'd be one of those girls that had easy pregnancies with no sickness, no pains, and just happy moods all the time. I actually am pretty happy the majority of the time which I'm surprised about but the sickness was a real test of patience and now the pains I am feeling in my lower back knock me flat on my bum sometimes. But all of this is so worth it, and I'm just grateful there haven't been any major complications. The first time I felt this baby move inside me was the best feeling. It was around 17 weeks, late at night, and I was sitting at the computer and I felt this little flutter all of a sudden, it was awesome! Now I'm able to feel his kicks on the outside which is even more amazing. I just wish he was more consistant about it so his dad could feel it too. But I'm sure that will come soon enough.

I have quite the little baby bump emerging. I'm finally at that point where you can tell it's a baby and not chub which I'm glad about, that was an awkward stage. I can't believe how much I love this little fella already. I find myself worrying a lot about if I'm doing the right things to keep him healthy and safe. My mom and Noah laugh at my often because of the things I think I do wrong. I know I know I'm being anal most of the time but I'm in charge of this kid and what I breathe he breathes, and what I eat he eats (sorry about all the greasy fries baby, I can't help myself sometimes).

Oh yep, most definitely a boy. Sorry bud for posting your privates for the world to see.

I can't get over how much I love that little face. Definitely a Zemke face. (I wonder if any of my children will look like me?)

This picture is actually pretty cool. That's his face looking right at us, his eyes are in the shadow but you can see his nose and mouth.

Rubbin his ear.

 We finally bought a dresser for Finn's room yesterday and as I was putting ALL the clothes we have gotten him and received from family and friends, I cried a little cause it hit me that this is so real, I'm gonna be a mom and this little baby is my son! And speaking of clothes I can't believe how many clothes we already have. Its kind of an addiction. Noah has told me multiple times do not buy any more clothes for him. Yet every week I come home with a new outfit, I really can't help myself, I never realized how precious baby boy clothes are. When I was young I really only noticed baby girl clothes. I am so obsessed with plaid. I've bought so much plaid for him he is gonna look like a mountain man all the time (like his father) which I'm totally cool with, it's that Alaskan blood in me.

Old Navy. Isn't it adorable? It matches his room.

See what I mean? Mountain man. Vest is from Target and the shirt is from Children's Place.

Me and Jac stumbled upon this little wonder at H&M. I can't get enough of those elbow pads.

This I have had for years. I bought it when I worked in Alaska, and of course it changes color in the sun. Del sol.

We have had so much fun putting his nursery together. Noah did a wonderful job painting the room. We went with the green and gray and it looks great. I can't wait to get it finished and post pictures! Here is a little preview.

Don't you love the moose? I'm in love with him, I named him Marv. And what do you think about the paint colors? The bottom panel is gray (it looks kinda white in this picture)

Well I guess you could say we're husslin' and busslin' over here, overflowing with baby excitement. All the nursery planning, baby crafts, and clothes are fun but when it comes down to it I really just can't wait to have my boy in my arms and be his mom. It's the best feeling in the world knowing we only have 41/2 months til we get to do that! I love little Finn so much already and can't wait til April 29th (or any day near that, hopefully before though). We love you buddy boy, see you soon!


  1. I read the title in that funny voice you and Hailey use. oh baby. well Marv could not be hung more appropriately! I love how he looks in his little nook. And those striped pj's...I have the gray and blue and they are my favorite. So comfy. I can't wait for nikson and finn to have adventures. Huckleberry style.

  2. Heck ya I can't wait for them to be bestest buds! Yes Marv is definitely snug, you must come see him. Come see the new dresser too, it's so cute!

  3. Hah, congrats. These are amazing pictures. =)

    Followed the blog btw, hope you do not mind. And maybe you'll visit me someday.

  4. This is so cute!! And the baby clothes are so adorable!!