Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas List

 Christmas is my most favorite holiday. Why? Because of the spirit of everything really. I love decorating, buying gifts, making gifts, all the lights, spending time with family, the traditions, and most of all honoring the birth of our Savior. As I get older I realize how much I really don't care about receiving gifts, I even told Noah he could combine my birthday and Christmas presents this year since my birthday is 4 days before Christmas (this would have been absolutely unacceptable a few years ago). Do we really believe Noah will do this? No, so here's the birthday/Christmas list.
Don't you just love these little mustard loafers?

Fire proof casserole dish. For the Julia Child recipes.

This is probably number one on my list. A lovely little picture book about Audrey's life. Perfect for my future Audrey (I'll read it to Finn too, don't tell Noah.)

Loving this scarf from none other than Anthropologie

This is a necessity. Cutting fabric straight is utterly impossible for me.
The flip flops just aren't holding up on our crazy campouts and summer adventures so it's time to invest in a pair of Chacos!

I sold my vintage riding boots on Etsy because they were too small. It's time for a new pair that fit.

I absolutely love this watercolor of the Salt Lake Temple. Found on Etsy.

As much as I love my rolly craft bin, the crafting supplies are rapidly multiplying so it's time for craft drawers.

Last but not least, everytime I watch Julie and Julia I say I'm gonna buy this cook book. It's about time.

Merry Christmas. Now what to get Noah.