Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conference Craft (Animal Bibs)

 There may be a good chance that I have ADD, and throughout the years I've had some trouble sitting quietly and watching LDS General Conference, every session, 8 hours. But, I know how much it lifts me spiritually and that I really need it in my life. So I have found a way to make this Conference watching experience better for me and whoever is around me. I have found that if I am working on something (craft) then I A. Can keep still for long periods of time and B. retain the information much better. So my conference craft was making baby animal bibs! My aunt Mikelle just found out she is 99% sure she is having a baby girl and she just loves giraffes so I made her baby a giraffe bib. I also made a boy bib in case of that other 1%. They were super fun to make and they turned out pretty cute. I kinda winged it so I have step by step instructions below so I can remember what I did and if anybody else out there wants to make one as well.

Happy messy eating baby.

First cut out a piece of flannel and a cotton print both 10x14 inches.

Then choose an animal applique online, print it out and use it as a guide to cut out a figure from another color of cotton fabric. I then used a blanket stitch around the entire figure to fasten it to the bib.

Cut out a piece of tissue paper the same size as your other fabric, 10x14. This will be a sort of pattern for the bib. I used a mason jar to create the circle for the cutout. Place the jar in the center about 2-3 inches from the top. Use your judgement on how you want the wings to go.

Then place right sides together and sew around the edges leaving about 1/2 inch or so seam allowance. Leave a couple inches unsewn on the side or bottom and pull right side out. Then sew up the side (I just use the sewing machine and sew right along the edge, some people sew this by hand but I'm to lazy)

The bib won't really look bibish so to flatten the sides down and to just add a nice touch I did a stitch around the entire bib about a half an inch in. Then I just added metal snaps to the top, just use the directions on the packaging.
And baddabing this is what you get. Baby moose and baby giraffe. Not bad for my first time around.

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