Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Budget Friendly Wedding

I've been watching these wedding tv shows and these people are dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on their weddings. I just couldn't believe this. And even with all that money their weddings really weren't that great. I thought back on our wedding and how we had a very low budget and how great it really turned out. I guess you could call it the ultimate DIY wedding cause we really did do everything ourselves and we didn't spend a whole lot of cash.

To see more of our wedding check out where our wedding was featured.
I found a picture of a dress on a blog and I just fell in love with it so I found a similar one at Dani's Bridal Works and had it altered to this.

All the vintage bridesmaid dresses were found on both Etsy and Ebay

We provided the vests for the groomsmen. Noah's coat and shoes were thrifted and his tie and shirt we got at Nordstrom.

The ceremony was held up Millcreek canyon in a beautiful clearing by the river.

Instead of a guest book we found vintage postcards and had our guests write a note and then they put the notes in an old mailbox.

My bouquet was one of my most favorite things about the wedding. We made it from vintage brooches we found online.

The pinata was another of my favorite things. We made it from newspaper and covered it with old sheet music. The kids loved it!

My family helped me make all these flowers for the bridesmaids bouquets. They also were on the tables as part of the centerpieces.

The cakestands look simple but were difficult to make. We got the wood from some guy that was cutting his trees down then we hacked at them, nailed and glued. For the food we had Lion House Bakery Pie, it was delicious. Atleast I think it was, I didn't really get any.

Wedding Dress: $400
             material: $200
          alterations: $100
                           total: $700
Cake: $80 (Tip Top Cake Shop)
Music: Free (ipod)
Ceremony: Free
Reception Center: Free (it started raining so we had to move the reception to my families funeral home)
Bridesmaid Dresses: $280 (ebay and Etsy)
Grooms Suit: $80
Groomsmen Vests: $50
Pie: $350 (Lion House Bakery)
Flowers: $50 (DIY from fabric)
Bouquet: $40 (Made from brooches)
Pinata: Free
Chair and tablecloth rentals: $260 (Diamond Rental)
Tables: Free (borrowed from church)
Centerpieces: $50 (vintage items and glass bottles)
Guestbook: $60 (Postcards and mailbox)
Decor: $70 (poms)
           $30 (birdhouses)
           $40 (door)
           $50 (misc)
              total: $190
Invitations: $30 (we did them ourselves)
Photographer: $1500 (Green Apple Photography, this was really the only thing we splurged on and boy was it worth it!)


Now how's that for a cute little rustic vintage wedding? It wasn't the most extravagant wedding but it was fun and memorable and that is good enough for us.


  1. Your wedding was so fun. Love'd the pies :) Oh, and being a cleanup girly thing with Rachel hah. xD

  2. Your wedding was gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by and I can't wait to see what projects you cook up!

  3. that is so awesome! i was actually a buyer in the wedding fashion industry a couple of years ago and i used to remember thinking how crazy people were for spending so much money! your wedding has inspired me to plan my own "anniversary" party...we were just a couple of kids when we married and it really didn't fit our style...i think we need to do it again...our style!

  4. We made those amazing cakestands too! And I had a beautiful tiered lace dress also..lots of alterations! Our weddings had some of the same touches, yet they are still so different! Your's was beautiful!

  5. These flowers are so beautiful! This is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.