Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Weird Christmas List

These are weird but some are kinda cool at the same time.. you never know what you might need.
A taco purse

I wouldn't mind browsing through this

A toast scarf... to keep toasty warm!
Garden of electronics. You can pull your charger cords through underneath and have all your electronics charging in a patch of grass.

Snot nose shower gel

Crack open your oyster and harvest your own pretty pearl

I don't see how these would really ever come in handy

Color changing shower head light... kinda fun

This is sweet. Remote control pillow.... it really does work

This is called a Clocky. When the alarm goes off it falls off your nightstand and rolls around the room so you have to chase it to turn it off. This may be genius.

A giant camping chair!

Undie gloves

Obama Chia pet

Backwards clock

You can record a message on this toilet paper roll and every time you take some TP you get a nice greeting.

Bethanie if you read this, this one is for your collection. It "The Birds" Barbie... good flick!

Fetus cookie cutter... strange and slightly gross

Spend much time in there?

I would buy this.

This I wouldn't buy

This is my favorite... a ball of nothing, Merry Christmas..


  1. Haha! I totally need that Barbie for my collection!!! haha and i probably need the rolling alarm clock. It would help me by not being able to press the snooze buttom approx 5 times!

  2. hahaha! those are awesome! have any spare time on your hands? ;)

  3. Lyss! I love your lists! They are so funny! I was dying while looking through this one! I want those hand undies! HAHAH!

  4. Oh my gosh haha this is the most random stuff.. how much time do you spend looking on the internet to find stuff like this haha I love it!