Thursday, November 18, 2010

My 90s Christmas List

If we were living back in the 90s this would for sure be my Christmas list... wow these bring back some memories. Good Times!!

Treats that tasted like cardboard but who cares they're baked by a lightbulb!

A VHS!! copy of this flick would definitely be on the list

These would be on Noah's list.. I think he has them actually

I'm pretty sure Bethanie had one of these

Lined up and down my arm

I truly miss POGS!! I spent good money on my glittery slammer.

Jnco's or better yet Lee pipes

I was always Ginger aka Sexy Spice

So classy

Love scooters!

I'm not sure why I picked the green one, no one liked him, he was the nerd.

Closets and closets full of beanie babies

Hailie actually has a Skipbo


I burried mine in the closet cause it wouldn't shut up and it scared me at night.

I'll trade you for a Charzard.

Never had a super nintendo.. had to go to grandma's to play

Remember when we would have clusters and clusters of these lovely plastic insects all over our heads

Gotta love the topsytail


  1. Don't worry that I have 14 of the items you listed...! haha My easy back oven is still in my moms kitchen!

  2. Oh my gosh hahaha this made me laugh!!! I would put as many butterfly clips in my hair as I possibly could! My family still makes fun of me for it. And I was petrified of my Furby too haha oh man I love looking at these haah

  3. you seriously have some of the best things of the 90's on here!